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IP 3150 White Premium

Handleless design looks exceptionally appealing in the kitchen. In the matching colour, the easy-to-reach accessible recessed grips literally seem to blend with the overall look of the front. Planning a handleless kitchen demonstrates stylish confidence for a clear linearity.

Comfort In Every Last Detail

True comfort is seen in the storage space. Only if everything is in easy reach and every utensil has a home will order become quality of life you can see and feel. This is achieved with the help of innovative storage options such as a dresser unit with roller blinds and pull-out shelf, or our compact unit. Both prove that functionality and aesthetics are a perfect combination.


Would you like more flexibility? Our new towel holder delights for its mobility - it’s always ready for action wherever you want it. It is placed on the top side of the front and, thanks to its slender design, takes up hardly any space. Also practical: the holder shifts along the edge whenever you want it to - for maximum freedom in daily kitchen life.


Door: 902 | white

Carcase: 517 | white

Worktop: 688 | oregon oak-effect

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