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IP 4050 Magnolia White

Burghardt kitchens have many faces. A good look should always include functional ideas that make everyday life easier. Whether an extractor with a large amount of headroom or the space-saving seat for the first relaxed coffee of the day. You will be impressed!

Functional, Chic, Timeless

Nowadays, a kitchen has to combine a large number of features. It has to be functional: cooking remains the focal point. It has to be chic: as is the case here, as a designer element with an exciting and individual appearance that fills a room and makes it homely. It has to be timeless: quality counts, both in the selection of colours and shapes and in the materials used.


Door: 792 | high-gloss magnolia white

Carcase: 820 | oak-effect cashmere grey

Worktop: 655 | oak-effect cashmere grey

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